The Law Firm

A specialised boutique that has made strategic consulting its strength. At the side of many companies established following the evolution of state-owned companies, Lipani & Partners is also becoming increasingly well-known in the area of litigation. (Top Legal)


A boutique law firm.
Lipani Catricalà & Partners was founded in 1996 by Damiano Lipani.
His objective was to create a Law Firm highly specialised in strategic and organisational legal advice, capable of providing clients with an integrated legal service and of assisting clients in all questions concerning the management of organisations and business practice.
Currently, Lipani Catricalà & Partners is predominantly active in the fields of administrative law, economic public law, business and corporate law, as well as employment law.


Excellence in administrative law.
Over the years, Lipani Catricalà & Partners has attracted some of the most brilliant lawyers in administrative law. It has, in fact, been awarded the "Le Fonti" International Prize as the best firm in 2012 in the field of administrative law. In 2010, it also won the Corporate INTL Legal Award as “Administrative Law Firm of the Year in Italy”, while in 2009, it was awarded the prestigious Top Legal Award, as the best administrative firm of the year.
Since 2009, Lipani & Partners has been classified in the top 100 law firms in Italy and in the first 500 law firms in the European Union.
It has overseen and continues to successfully handle important public administration restructuring operations, both at central and local levels, as well as public spending rationalisation operations.
The firm provides specialised assistance to public companies, mixed public-private companies and private organisations.
It actively participates in working groups focusing on proposals for regulatory reform.


A multidisciplinary approach.
Thanks to its experience gained in complex problem solutions, Lipani Catricalà & Partners has developed a 360-degree vision of projects and a capacity to organise its personnel in multidisciplinary working groups operating in its main areas of expertise, that is, administrative law, business and corporate law, information technology and telecommunications law, and employment law.


Lawyers at your side.
Lipani Catricalà & Partners is organised to ensure that clients are provided with advice and assistance. This is integrated into a legal service on all matters related to the management of entities and business practices, with particular reference to the public sector.
The distinctive approach of the law firm is that of effectively integrating its multidisciplinary team of professionals and the client's human resources. This is obtained by sharing objectives, decision-making processes and implementing decisions.